Laser printing

The most popular type of tickets, which is supplied in two versions.
As individual pieces in which case the tickets are printed separately. In this case it is necessary to take into account the capability of the printer as it must be able to print a separate ticket of the required size.

As four or five pieces of tickets on an A4 sheet with perforations. The sheets are then put into the laser printer as an ordinary office paper. In this case, greater demands are placed on the printer operation because it is necessary to ensure that more than one sheet is always in the printer because otherwiseit would fail to print. For this reason a use of individual tickets is recommended for laser printers.
Tickets can be printed with a barcode for faster handling of large numbers of visitors by electronic readers.

The most renowned variant of tickets that despite the wide range of customization still has comparatively low acquisition cost. We deliver either individual pieces or A4 sheets with perforation.

  • Large variability of the appearance of tickets
  • Custom printing of graphics (logo)
  • Low operating costs
  • Use of bar code





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