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Colosseum is a sophisticated and time-proved software designed for the sales departments of cultural or sports organizations, or their accounting units. It brings an effective way of selling and distributing tickets from both the box offices and over the Internet and also promotes the sale of tickets by established  reselling networks.

After twenty years of experience with the cultural businesses we are proud to be able to deliver the most comprehensive solution for reservations, sales and distribution of tickets. With the software we provide we can help you to operate the reservation system efficiently, and if required we are happy to modify it according to Your needs. We will advise You on how the Colosseum reservation systems  are being used by other organizations of similar type as Yours.


Colosseum Variations


Colosseum Classic

Colosseum Classic is definitely our best-selling product coming from the family of our Ticketing solutions and runs on any MS Windows operating PC. Part of the solution Colloseum Classic can optionally be WebSale module responsible for on-line tickets sales or a web interface designed for the network re-sellers.
Reservation system Colosseum exists in several versions that are tailored to the specific requirements of different types of cultural organizations, festival  and other companies selling tickets for their events themselves.


Colosseum WebSale 2.0

A new customer favourite Web application is used for buying and booking of tickets, subscriptions, gift vouchers or complementary assortment over the Internet. Graphic design can be completely adapted to the customer website.

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Complex delivery

We will provide the reservation system as a whole, including the necessary
- hardware (servers, computers, printers, PDAs, turnstiles..)
- services (installation, setup, instruction)
- production of tickets (including design)
- technical support (supervisory center)

Business model

Sale of licenses, including related services
License with a time-unlimited right to use. Part of this solution is an installation of the hardware.

Lease of the system
A modern and efficient way to operate the reservation system - from our data center located in a server hosting on an Internet backbone network. Part of this solution is data and hardware  security and regular updates.

Sale of  licenses and operation of the system from the data center
Combination of the two previous options. We operate the purchased licenses in our data center. Price of the lease is in this scenario lower than the price of  the full lease.

Data Centre

Specifically for the needs of our customers, we built a special data center designed to host the Colosseum. Center contains a robust and high performance disk array and a set of high-end servers. The security is secured by a firewall, antispam, regular backup of data and other measures. In such environment, your ticketing system is always available and highly effective.
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Contact details

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.


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