Thermal print

Tickets for thermal or thermal transfer printing.
Widely popular type of tickets with very high quality, easy handling and professional appearance . Tickets are available on reel or more usually in the form of a perforated strip of tickets (so called ?concertina book?).
The shape and dimensions of tickets as well as paper weight, color and surface can be tailored specifically to customer needs and requirements. This type of tickets can be printed with a barcode, magnetic stripe or chip for faster handling of large numbers of visitors by electronic readers and turnstiles.

The most popular type of tickets with very high quality and professional appearance in the form of ?pleated concertina book? allows for an easy handling and the bar code ensures a simple and fast check out.

  • High quality of tickets
  • Large variability of the appearance of tickets
  • Custom printing of graphics (logo)
  • High speed of printing
  • Use of bar code, chip or magnetic stripe
  • Reliability of printers






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